Brainstorming A Super Garden For A Small Space!

Mar 26, 2014 | Creativity

vertical garden

(I am getting one of these hanging vertical succulent gardens for my own patio from Etsy!)

When I had the most stressful job of my life I decided to grow a giant garden on my small outdoor patio.  I sat on the patio at night and talked to my tomato plant, surprised by new zucchini cropping up daily while peppers sprouted on little bushes. That little garden guided me back to my sanity.  As it grew, so did my resolve to never put myself in a position of thankless stress again.  Plus, the tomatoes were the best ever!

Gardening can be a challenge even if you have a full backyard’s worth of space. For those of us with only a patio or a few windows that get full sun exposure, growing things is a heroic endeavor.

If you have a small space, don’t be discouraged.

Here are some really user-friendly garden ideas- (like the vertical planter above from Etsy)- to get you feeling more one with nature in a very prosperous way.

patio gardens


 Stylish vines in big pots may be your  ticket to sculpting space in greenery.

eggshell planters

(via 17 apart)

For mico-sized space, appointed in an eco-fabulous way, try growing seedlings in eggshells! 

herbs to grow indoors


Some herbs struggle inside, but these are the easiest of the bunch if you have a sunny windowsill. HERE are some great tips from Divine Caroline to succeed in your quest for fresh herbs!  While not an herb, you may also look into growing flats of wheatgrass if you have dogs or cats- they love it and its really decorative!

square foot garden

(via birds & blooms)

My fondest childhoot TV memories (yes, I was a strange kid) were of the Square Foot Gardening show on PBS. Not only are square foot gardens beautifully geometric, they enable you to grow tremendous amounts of food even on a small patio!  You can learn more HERE.  

This lat Spring I will be growing up a storm, and I would love for you to join me! A garden also increases the “chi” or life force (thing: good juju) of wherever in your home you plant it… so, you have extra motivation now to get growing!!!  xoxo Dana



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