Feng Shui Your Stove & Make More Money!

Mar 26, 2014 | Featured, Prosperity

In traditional feng shui, the stove is where you “cook up” prosperity.

I have found that the stove is often neglected by those who do not cook (tip #1- cook more!). And, in the homes of those who do cook, the stove never seems to get fully clean.

Today, we are going to amp up your stove and really open the Feng Shui financial flow! 

mirror over stove


Use a mirror to make your oven more awesome. If your back is to the door while you cook, a well-installed mirror over your stove can empower this area and make you more grounded as you cook. Note: these mirrors need to stay super spotless.

Get the grates clean!  Nothing is more daunting than icky grates on your stovetop, and they are seemingly impossible to clean! THIS tip using ammonia and an old plastic bag is a great one for giving your stovetop a fresh start.

Use every burner. When you cook with every burner, you are evenly distributing energy. Some say that this is symbolic of opening every channel to let wealth come into your life.

Find a natural way to clean inside that oven completely! Mother Nature Network has amazing tips to clean your stove fully, without crazy chemicals that scare me. Think about it- do you want toxic gasses and residue seeping into your food as you cook? It is well worth the effort to find a non-toxic cleaner.

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  1. maggie

    My oven is CAKED in candle wax at the moment…I did a first round of scrubbing last night and plan on scrubbing even more today – talk about good timing!


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