Inspiration To Create Airy, Open, Artful Living Spaces!

Mar 27, 2014 | Home Style

airy living rooms


When you are blessed with lots of natural light in a space, you need to maximize that amazing wash of happiness. When you are lacking light, you can use great design to create more of an aiury atmosphere.  Here are some fabulously simple yet complex spaces, spaces filled with personal touches that maximize the airy and bright. 

airy living room


Walls of barely grey and a chandelier of paper add to the clean weightlessness of this space.

airy living room


That floating spiral mobile and dazzling “splatter paint” carpet are just a part of fueling the energized yet simply lofty space.

ombre curtains


Dip dye adds a bit of gravity to the curtains while illuminating the room with artistry.



Maximizing a giant window and casting a glow on a space with a gorgeous vine: what a brilliant idea!

Keeping things light and airy can helpyou to have more focus and create more welcome at home.  If you would like to make a small space feel bigger, THESE tips can help, too!  Enjoy! xoxo Dana



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