Let Go Of What Is Killing Your Spirit!

Mar 27, 2014 | Uncategorized

let go of whats killing you (via)

It seems that you wind up with what you put up with. I never wanted to admit that. I have been shy to ask for things I need, and slow to make the kind of moves that have to be made.  No one is perfect… & I think most everyone becomes attached to a thing to do or a way to be, at one point or another, that just kills spirit. It may or may not kill your body, but it blows your spirit to bits.

Letting it go, though, is like shattering a universe that has in some way felt safe to hide in…. Let it go anyway. Its been an exercise in daring, but everything that you cast away that you think you could never live without creates space for far better.  Enjoy the freedom.  xoxo Dana


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