What About Growing Fruit Trees In Your Home?!

Mar 28, 2014 | Home Style

lemon tree


While fruit trees in my mind have traditionally been associated with Pasadena groves and estates in La Jolla, there is a way to scale citrus-growing into a right-now, today activity.  I am enamored by indoor citrus. Not to mention, in old school feng shui philosophy, orange trees will help you get rich and lemons will help you make more love & babies! Here’s some indoor & patio citrus inspiration for you to see that this dream of a fragrant grove can find its way into your home right now!

fruit trees inside


How effortless is this amzing potted citrus? I am thrillingly inspired to add these to my new home that gets flooded with light!!!

fruit trees inside


Is there anything more memorable than coming home to oranges that are sweet and bright?

fruit trees patio


Meyer lemons are very lush on these little trees.

orange tree inside

(via apartment therapy)

THESE tips from Apartment Therapy can help you get growing.

lemon tree inside


And, be aware: you can start small and succeed.  No bigger than a houseplant, this desktop citrus is yeilding lots of fruit for its size!



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  1. Jeanne

    I actually have one of these! It was a birthday gift last year. It is pretty cool, So far, the oranges are disgusting!!! LOL. City girl with her tiny cherry tomato sized oranges 🙂 But I read it may take some time. I am going to repot it and try again. I will not give up yet. It’s such a novelty 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      hahaha, I wondered aboutthe quality of the mini oranges! Maybe lemons are my move. They appear full-sized 🙂

      • Jeanne

        I agree! I think I may buy another tree since they are quite unique! Hopefully, my tiny tree will grow more is summer on my patio. The “adult size” lemon trees look impressive 🙂 Lol!


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