5 Ways To Hop Off The Treadmill Of Life & Start Moving Forward!

Mar 29, 2014 | Prosperity

cliff briggie

(cliff briggie) 

Cliff Briggie’s art- ice and color captured through a lens- really shines a light on innovation.  Reimagining materials.  Re-focusing perspective.  Making something dynamic from simple beginnings.

We all want to create spashy materpieces of our lives in one way or another.

The trick is to know how to innovate.

Are you crazy busy but not seeming to get much done? Have you created an elaborately packed shedule to maintain the life you have as it is? Are you aiming to reach farther and create a bigger life but seemingly wind up back in the same place despire whatever you do?

I woke up with a wild thought for a morning: If it takes a tremendous amount of effort just to maintain things as they are in your life or your business in some way, how can a person ever innovate?

You simply can’t. Not without misery and stress.

But you can:  create more space in your schedule and more flexibility in your life, reimagine your days and create greater flow of life force or “chi” for yourself.

And if you do, you will move ahead… slay your dragons… ace your exams… make your mark… & feel that feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating life on your own terms!

Here is some feng shui & re-organization to hop into a new realm of making life happen! 

cliff briggie

(cliff briggie)

Feng Shui To Innovate In Your Life

Declutter your process. That’s right: we all have a process for doing things.  My morning started with a trip to a coffee shop about ten minutes away where I would spend about ten minutes and then wait ten minutes to start drinking my tea.  I loved the coffee shop, but I had to figure out how that process of 30 minutes for a tea could become much less of a nuisance.  I bought my own bags from them- so I would only need hot water.  I bought a travel cup there.  No cup needed. I asked for a few ice cubes to be added. No waiting 10 minutes to drink.  This was a small thing, but by cutting out the definate waiting I suddenly saved almost 2 hours in a week.

Can you think of ways you are holding yourself up that are bigger? Can you think of ways to cut out the clutter of extra steps?

Let go of anything that makes you feel small.

If you have a habit that makes you feel terrible (*everything and anything can be self-destructive if it makes you feel bad) make that the habit to ditch.

Also, this applies to the love in your life.  You wouldn’t pick a home with ceilings that forced you to bend down and crawl through your home to navigate each day, but somehow strangely lots of us have chosen relationships that provide us with that similar sensation of being small and knocked off of our balance in a way that is disruptive. THIS article by Natalie Lue is a must-read- A MUST-READ for anyone who is single or in any sort of “complicated” relationship filled with drama. 

Shake yourself free of old ways that have stopped working.

Innovation means letting go of some things that just don’t work.  While its debatable whether one day we’ll all give up Facebook, do any of you remember MySpace?

Your life has similar phases and changes.  We all move through the Five Element Cycle.  If we listen and pay attention, we can save ourselves a lot of extra effort.

Your penchant for running may be causing you more harm to your joints that good to your body.  Your ability to meet prospective dates at nightclubs may be less appealing these days.  Even the way we look for jobs is new in many ways.

If what you are doing is not working… acknowledge it. Phase it out.  Innovate with something new.

Imagine more and rationalize less.

Feeling is far preferred to thinking if you are not making progress in your life.

Right-brain thinking is the way of innovation. It is somewhat the opposite of being rational.

Brainstorm to music, dance around your house, write down your visions for your life at the beach….

In feng shui, the idea of “chi” is what is experienced as life by the senses, not what is rationalized by our minds.

This is a great reason to make yourself a vision board, by the way!

Infuse your world with energy.  

Not fake energy.  Cut out massive caffiene and sugar that drains your body after the initial jolt.

Eat fresh food. Smell flowers. Touch trees. Walk barefoot in grass.  Sleep.  Take whatever vitamins you need.  Move around. Smile more.

When you layer your space and your life in more light and freshness you will elicit the momentum you need to carry forth those big plans you dream about!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana



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