Spring White Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark! (Paleo & Gluten-Free)

Mar 30, 2014 | Food-Shui

white chocolate paleo

 Super-yum for the day and super-food simple. Spring White Chocolate with peanut butter, cherries and pistachios that looks bejeweled and tastes like the best elaborate candy bar ever… with zero sugar, no chocolate, no milk and unrefined super-food bliss chemicals, to boot!

To make:

Melt 8oz of raw cacao butter in a double boiler.  (a metal bowl sitting on top of a big pot of simmering water)

When raw cacao butter melts, stir in add a 16 oz jar of creamy natural peanut butter. Salted is tastier. 

2 tablespoons of pure vanilla extract 

3/4 cup honey. 

Once its all well blended (whisk it very well!) add in a handful of pistachios and another of dried cheries without added sugar or preservatives. (rasins work, too!)

Pour into a baking sheet lined with foil and pop into the freezer.

When its all set (a few hours) use a knife to “shatter” it into pieces.

raw cacao butter

While you can’t find Raw Cacao Butter everywere in stores and it can be expensive, if you are on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or can’t tolerate the cocoa part of chocolate, this is for you. Raw Cacao Butter is filled with antioxidants, healthy fats and “bliss” chemicals that both calm your body and create a sense of euphoria.  If you are exploring the exotic superfoods of the world, this is one to try!

Store in a container in the freezer and take out a few minutes before serving or let it melt in your mouth! 🙂 xoxo Dana



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  1. Kim S

    I love this stuff! I’ve been on the SCdiet since last December and this is such a treat! I will be making this often! Thanks so much for the recipe!


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