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Mar 31, 2014 | Prosperity

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There is this pervasive notion that made my life- and maybe yours too- fraught with anxiety, introverted and always ruled by striving:  Negative motivation. It is the idea that you need to focus on all the ways you don’t measure up to a standard or to your peers and make that inadequacy the “motivation” of your life.

Achievement becomes a word poisoned with suffering.

This is actually counter-productive!  This actually hampers your brain function!

Science has proven that the only thing you become when you focus on how you don’t “measure up” is miserable. And also, less able to do things than people who like themselves and treat themselves well.

If you want to become more competent, more awesome and more expansive— start with everything great about you.

If you have been raised to compete and always strive- and perhaps feel totally unmotivated or completely stressed out as a result-  this one is for you.

xoxo Dana




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