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Apr 1, 2014 | Home Style

confetti wall

(wee birdy)

Confetti is always celebratory! The energetic dots and sprinkles of a grand spectrum of colors feel fresh and read to the eye like music.  It is no wonder that kids love multicolored cereal, candy and sprinkles on everything: they are visual joy! Here’s an adult version of confetti projects, like this simple confetti wall by wee birdy that are a snap to make yet joyful for ages!

confetti pillow diy

(modern handcraft) 

Modern Handcraft has a pillow DIY that has an ultra-luxe quilted finish that is both young and posh at once!

cake batter ice cream paleo

(om nom love) 

Cake Batter Paleo ice cream, anyone?!  I just adore this recipe from OmNomLove  made even more charming with sprinkles!

confetti bowl

(muy ingenioso) 

Learn how to make this awesome bowl right HERE from Muy Ingenioso!

polka dot drapes(remodelaholic) 

I am fully thilled to try what may be my favorite Ikea hack to date: polka dot curtains.  I love how they appear to cascade down and collect near the floor!

confetti vase

(hi sugarplum) 

Hi Sugarplum has a confetti DIY that I certainly can do… and want to do on a series of vases to display by the light: they are fantastic!

Confetti: a new way to rethink decor accents with the fun of being a kid mixed into the sophistication of orchestrating a space with visual musicality.  This is a big yes on all counts!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Dana

    Oh my goodness! I can see myself recreating a lot of these DIY projects. Love it!


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