Make Yourself A Brilliant Brick Bookcase!

Apr 1, 2014 | Creativity

bookshelf DIY
When Alexis Hyde (of Hyde or Die art writing infamy) messaged me to say that she buoilt a bookcase, my mind went to the usual places: West Elm? CB2?
A picture followed that blew my mind.
She “built” a bookcase.
For under $50.
That looks extraordinary.
No nails, no glue, just boards and bricks!
Here’s how she did it! 
Alexis explained that she too a trip to the hardware store and collected:
32 grey bricks (40 cents a piece)
2 6’6” long stained wood planks that  Home Depot cut in half for free ($17.00 each)

And then:
stacked brick bookcase
“I used the bricks as the stand. I didn’t want the shelf right on the floor so I lifted it with one layer on both sides. You can see the felt tips on the bottom of the bricks becauseI didn’t want to ruin my floor.
bookcase diy
Then I stacked the wood and then three layers of the bricks and more wood. It’s super sturdy and I could definitely add up more layers if I wanted, or maybe later?
Definitely needed to vacuum after because bricks can get dusty and crumbly.  I banged them on the grass outside to get the big chunks and residual dust out before bringing them into the house.
You can also see some little tabs I put on the corner to keep my balcony door from banging into the book case.”
diy bookcase
If you try this at home, I would love to see pictures! I am thinking of a brick project for a garden now, thanks to this inspiration! xoxo Dana



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