Put Down The Map & Get Wonderfully Lost!

Apr 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

put down the map and get lost

(one of my new favorite things on Etsy)

Luckily, I can’t read maps so I wind up almost always lost… But the worst lost I ever got was… in Venice, Italy. Everything looked the same- granted, the same, gorgeous- as far as the streets went- and I was very much “gone.” I will never forget it.  Wearing white jeans, a black t-shirt and giant hoop earrings I wandered into a Basquiat book  launch hosted by an art dealer from New York.  Everyone was eating hunks of  parmesan cheese from collossal wheels of cheese while drinking neverending glasses of wine.  I drank. I talked. I ate cheese.  And somehow, the daughter of an iconic actress invited me along to the next party in the pitch darkness… where I found all the people I had lost during the day… after an aside in a speedboat.

It was a day to remember, and somehow I never panicked.  But, then again, its hard to panic when you are in paradise!

Don’t worry as much. Go off the grid a bit. Wander. Find new paths. HERE are many reasons to travel more if you have been in one place for a long time.  Expand your universe with new roads…! xoxo Dana


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