Dip Dye DIY!

Apr 3, 2014 | Home Style

dip dye

(sweet paul) 

One of the most chic and least crazy-making DIY projects ever in my opinion is dip dye.  You achieve awesome ombre effects, add color to the lifeless, and, best of all, it is inexpensive and requires just about no craft skill whatsoever. And look at the results that are brilliant, like this dip dye table runner from Sweet Paul!

dip dye shades

THIS is one of the projects I am trying for my new home.  IKEA roller shades dipped in dye!

dip dye bottles

You can dip jars in paint inspired by THIS project. 

dip dye candlesticks

Almost Makes Perfect has inspired me to think about fashioning my own candlesticks. THESE are quite simple!

dip dye ribbons

Ruffled Blog pointed out that while I am at my dip-dying I can dip some ribbon.  Not only is it a great accent for gifts, its a fabulous way to pull back sheer curtains.

dip dye placemats

And if you are less apt to start the dye process yourself, you can get these pre-made dip dye placemats to liven up your table on Houzz. 

It really is the small things that make the biggest difference!  Dip Dye: I am giving it a try!  xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    These are all so lovely! I have been itching to try dip-dyeing for quite some time.


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