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Apr 4, 2014 | Creativity

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Possibility puts us at cause over life in a way that is dynamic!

When possibilies  in front of you are few, the world feels like a very damning space. Plus, when you only have a few options, is is easy to feel anxious, stuck or weak in any situation.

When you are adept at creative thinking, you will not only be more relaxed… you will make your world far bigger.

The most vibrant feng shui tip I can give you this week to open your world to greater possibility: embrace your creativity and practice something creative in your home.


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Creativity is a while brain activity, not something relegated to an “artistic” part of the brain: This is part of the reason that creativity is fundamental to our lives in the modern world: you open your brain to new networks of thought and new systems of thinking to create very new options.   Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not just isolated to the Right Brain.  Rather, creativity is a total brain activity. Creative thought can assist in finding “rational” solutions.

Making art is not just all about expressing what is in your mind or emotional being… its also about understanding how things fit together.  Lately, a bunch of you have joined me for a drawing adventure on Facebook, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.   While I have been astonished by the leap in my actual ability using the book techniques, what has been most enlightening is understanding how to correctly percieve the relationhip betwen things. Being able to translate what I see into what I can draw requires 1. shutting down the noise in your mind and 2. engaging life based on a series of relationships between things.

Musicians do the same with sound. Painters with paint.  Dancers with their bodies in space. And on and on.  Art requires a relationship between things that we don’t exploit in our day-to-day rational life.

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Creativity is meditative….and that is great for your whole life. HERE is much more on meditation & its effects on our lives.  They are huge, as meditation has been credited with everything from better genetic expression in your body to a happier overall life. Yes, well worth it!

Creativity affects your love life, your financial life… all of it. So, the more you stay creatively open, the more depth you will have in these other important areas of life. Creativity is rooted energetically in an area called the Second Chakra of the body dealing with sex, money & creativity.  You can learn much more about this HERE.   While I once thought of this as nonsense, the symbolism of each energetic center of the body (chakra) and its corresponding physical manifestations are astonishing.

  • When faced with a problem, brainstorm before you react.
  • Practice creativity in any forms that catch your eye!
  • Make sure your home has even a small bit of creative space within it.

So if you are feeling guilt about the time you “waste” on hobbies or feel a burning need to buy a guitar or take classes or go dancing or travelling or invest in some way in your creative life: DO IT.

New perspective on life creates whole new avenues of opportunity you may have never dreamed of before!

xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    I love this! I just did my first reiki session and was told that my sacral chakra was blocked, so the healer focused on that area. I have been writing a TON more since then and not limiting myself when it comes to creative outlets!

  2. Ken

    Whats open all the chakras and speed them is the five tibitans rites. Very powerful. I practice them every morning. lots of benefits. You stay forever young. The five tibetan ..from Peter Kelder..A lots of video on youtube.
    Thanks Dana for the always inspired post.
    Stay healthy Stay beautiful Dana!!
    Tons of love!!


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