Colorblocking Freshness At Home!

Apr 9, 2014 | Home Style

color block


I’m moving to a space where storage from New york will finally be unveiled. An antique china cabinets, bright orange leater sofa, gold disco mirrors…to mix with my teal ultrasuede deco couches, stacks of floor pillows in wild prints and an immense dining table.

Think Boho meets 70’s.

But to make it all work, I was trying to convince my sister that magenta curtains along with a moroccan rug were the way. She initially wanted no more color, and rightfully so. It seems illogical.

But to succeed in a colorblocked space, you have to truly colorblock it! More color, not less… And, and more dynamic touches.

Here is some colorblocking to inspire your own dynamic design touches!

colorblock art


Art is by far the simplest way to add in colorblocked dynamics. Wait for it: I think I’ll be making a giant colorblock canvas this weekend for the new living room!

colorblocked room


Welcome to the inspiration for my office: a very dynamic spectrum. I think I am going to sew some hanging tapestries to hang beside my desk.  This thrills me!

colorblock pillows


If you need to piece together varous colors that seem unrelated in a room, colorblock pillows can tie it all together!

colorblock room


While I would not paint the ceiling and would likely do something interesting to “hide” the beams, these colors are purely fantastic!!!



There are a series of original NASA prints from the 1950’s framed in white with burgundy and white mats. Instead, I am thinking of a colorblocked wall full of the cosmos. Changing the mats is an inxpensive way to bring them new life!

With a bit of color block play, you can pull a tremendous amount of color into a space and have it seamlessly shine!!!



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