Feng Shui Tips For Spring Cleaning That Is Revolutionary!

Apr 9, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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Fresh starts happen any time you want them, yet seasonally the whole planet is in a cycle of starting fresh. To make the most of each season, a thorough cleaning and reorganization of your home and office makes lots of room for the new and the wonderful to enter.

Today,I am thrilled to share some amazing tips from Carol M. Olmstead to Spring Clean in a feng shui way as you may never have before!  To next-level what’s coming… make sure you’ve signed up HERE for the FREE Catalyst Camp feng shui de-clutter video series that’s starting soon!

Now, though, lets get a big jump on Spring Cleaning!

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Spring Clearing Those Easy-To-Forget Places by Carol M. Olmstead

Does the mild weather give you the urge to start your Spring cleaning? This year, try clearing out old energy instead of just cleaning house by remembering to clear out those easy-to-forget places that you might otherwise ignore. In Feng Shui, clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward, so when you clear your clutter on a seasonal basis you take advantage of the natural changes around you to make room for new energy to flow in to take its place.



  • Sweep your deck, patio, porch, or portal to get rid of dead leaves and dust. Be sure to sweep the dirt away from your home rather than toward it
  • Uncover the chairs and barbeque grill and clear the way to start using the space again. Make sure you get rid of cobwebs because they represent being so “caught up” you can’t move forward.
  • Your front door is where all the positive energy enters your home, so clean, re-paint, or re-stain it, use some WD-40 on the hinges, and clean the glass windows.
  • Windows are the “eyes” of your home, so clean your windows and you can see the world with clarity. It’s especially important to clean the windows in your home office or you will be looking at your career through a dirty lens.
  • Clear out behind or under furniture that you haven’t moved in years, like the living room sofa, the master bed, and the china closet.
  • When it’s time to change out your winter clothes, dust the shelves before you bring in your spring clothes and remove those misshapen wire hangers. There’s a reason the dry cleaner gives them out free and they don’t belong in your closet.
  • Dust or wash your silk plants, and replace any that are badly faded or dull looking.

Avoid storing your cleaning products, mops, brooms, and vacuum in the open, and especially avoid storing them in the kitchen or dining room, pantry, or anywhere you keep food. Storing cleaning products together with food symbolizes cleaning out your health, nutrition, income, and prosperity.

Negative chi accumulates after an illness, so if anyone in your household just got over an end-of-the winter cold or flu, it’s important to leave your windows open for an hour after thoroughly cleaning your home.

Carol, these are such awesome tips! I have learned so much!!!  xoxo Dana 



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  2. maggie

    Love these tips – I have been sticking to a decluttering routine over the past week and am already feeling the results – I am going to incorporate these tips as well!


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