5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week In The Neighborhood!

Apr 10, 2014 | Creativity


From long waks in the bright afternoon with Bob to quantum entanglement theories, here are 5 lifestyle goodies I am absolutely loving this week to embrace a dynamic Spring.

Long walks with the dogs & friends! I have needed more social time, and I got what I needed. Now Bob & Gordon are taking long walks in the late afternoon light with friends, and we are all loving it.  While I am somewhat sad to be leaving my surburban stroller neighborhood in the city,  I am far more excited than upset! Combining walks and chores and hanging out time has been the best things to keep me calm in this huge month of moving!

eric eranndson

Vulnerability & live artistry: Watching my dear friend Eric Erlandson (in the corner) sat and played improvised music, read poetry and pieces of his book Letters To Kurt in honor of the memory of his dear friend Kurt Cobain. Can you believe it has been 20 years since Kurt has been gone? We all cried, laughed, zoned out and tuned in to celebrate light even in darkness.

Visiting indie bookstores also makes it on the list. I am a huge fan of Counterpoint on Franklin in Los Angeles, and Stories in Echo Park where this night of music and words and tea took place! I collect biographies, especially ones of great artists, and especially autobiographies and memoirs, and I find the best in the tall stacks of these vintage stores.

quantum enigma

Quantum entanglement: Modern magic is quantum physics. While the somewhat spooky notion that we are all just clouds of spinning microparticles is mind-bending, quantum entanglement actually goes much farther than that.  For example, if I were to somehow change the spinning of one particle, I create a seemingly unrelated change in a spinning particle in another place. When this theory is expanded, you can see how we are not far away from the days where you can dematerialize and pop up in new places.  Yes, its wild stuff. And since quantum computing is an actual thing, just wait for the future to reveal more quantum wildness in our daily lives.  Right now, this book is providing me with a way to dream within a very giant framework!  It was a local friend- a double PhD from Yale- who turned me on to the quantum disruptions this week and guided this book into my hands!


Personal watermelons!  The signs of a glorious season ahead… the fruit that is coming to the markets! Personal watermelons are my favorite.  Trick: sprinkle a little sea salt on them to make them extremely sweet and hydrating!

The simple little things are the best things ever. If you think back to the best days, I bet you remember how incredible the coffee was, the color of the water at the beach or something breezy and light, just like that. Explore your neighborhood. Support local businesses and artisans. Play around with new ways to make those simple things juicy and thrilling. xoxo Dana



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