Suzani In So Many Ways!

Apr 10, 2014 | Home Style

david tsay photography

(david tsay photography)

Some suzani fabric, in its folk fantastic patterns, bold colors and wild historical swatches can be a space makeover in itself.  From vibrant curtains to a one-of-kind headboard, pillows to art, suzani goes the full distance in its chamelion-like, use-it- anywhere greatness. 

suzani headboard

(cush and nooks)

Ikat-y suzani headboard design is brilliant. It packs just enough magnetic punch without overwhelming the room!

suzani walls


These divine vintage panels create the feeling of wallpaper along with a story on the walls in texture.



No headboard? This is a wonderful temporary fix!


(house beautiful)

Instantly liven up a darker corner in a huge way.



And this outdoor tablecloth makes a cityscape feel completely rooted in the country.

Suzani are brilliant: A bit of wild, a ton of color, and particulary vintage fabric for the history  it holds in its treads. Experiment with the unexpected. Just a bit of fabric can transform your home! xoxo Dana


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