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Apr 13, 2014 | Prosperity



I think of transitions as rites of passage.  While some feel harder than others, everything from getting married to moving homes, changing jobs or being promoted to making lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, are all transitions.  While they can be thrilling, expansive and full of promise, transitions can also be disorienting, exhausing and even upsetting at the same time. Its the difficult part of the transition, believe it or not, that is the best. Here are some feng shui ways to manage a transition, no matter what type of transition you are in right now. 

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Simplify first.  When there is a transition it means one big thing: extra things to do in a day.  If you are moving, you may need extra time to pack, clean, organized and dump things. If you are starting a new relationship, there is now much more time to be invested with another person. If you are getting into a new job, there are all kinds of things to learn to get started.

Ditch the extra steps in your life while in a transition.  You may need to put your extra research on hold for a few weeks, put a pin in that weekend trip to get more acclimated first, or scale back on some things that you can make a bit easier. Being really present in a transition makes things much easier.

Also, one transition at a time (or a week!) is a good thing.

De-cluttering your home, office and life is key to a clear transition. You will generate more of the metal energy that helps making positive transitions much easier!

Really deal with the old way and understand it fully in order to release it.  If you are breaking habits, take some time to understand them. For example, in 12 Step programs you make lots of ammends to people and really take responsibility for your actions. You can do this in your own way.

Starting new relationships means really reconciling past ones. If you are  moving to a new place, try not to just sloppily flee.  Take time to really clean things up and restore them to make space for a more optimal new home.

Take even better care of yourself than you have been.  When you are moving a whole lot of energy around, this takes a great deal of brainpower.  And, when you are clearing a lot of clutter, you stir up lots of emotions.  Take the time to sleep more, eat better, worry less and spend more time in quiet.  This restorative activity will keep you from geting frantic even in the happiest of transitions.

Don’t linger in limbo.  This means: don’t allow yourself to half-settle in to a new thing.  If you only partially unpack, only somewhat learn your new responsibilities or sort of hang out in limbo too long in a relationship, you will possibly languish before you create something great.

Unpack. Immerse yourself. Feel the ground under your feet.  Commit to the new.  Whether your new transition is right for just now or for forever, you will feel far more confident if you get settled in to know.

And… welcome in the new!  Transition is a constant. In Chinese philosophy, the seasons change along with the elements that dominate each season. A year is four major transitions for Nature in itself, atop the transtions we layer upon life. If you flow with change and stay open in the times where everything feels unfamiliar, you will become more of a magnet for this positive transition because you actually like it.

I know many people who avoid even great things because they are distruptive.  Don’t do it.  Let things shake up often. It keeps life in a state of constant expansion. And that’s the ideal, isn’t it? xoxo Dana


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  1. Natalie

    Hi Dana,

    As always, I love your post. I am trying to transition my life. Like you, I got a grad degree in art history (which is why I think I absolutely LOVE your insight and project here). Unlike you, I am still looking for something to do with myself post-grad school. Feng Shui has really helped keep my life glued together this past year of transitions. I recently came across another branch of Feng Shui, I believe its called the traveling star school(?) It rearranges the sectors of the bagua map based on the lucky/unlucky/three killings/grand duke/etc. I’m trying to maximize the career sector to get a fulfilling full time job, and for the life of me can’t figure out if I am helping myself by putting water elements in the north sector, or harming myself because of this year’s energy turn (supposedly the career sector in 2014 is in the southeast sector). Can you give more info on this?
    Many thanks,

  2. Charin Adams

    It seems like I read your blog every day, but I am forever finding a post that I missed, and one that I love! 🙂 This was so awesome. Thank you!



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