6 Feng Shui Ways To Warm Up A Cold-Feeling Bedroom!

Apr 14, 2014 | Home Style

warm bedroom

No matter what the season, rooms can feel cold.

Cold rooms tend to be stark, lacking sensory richness, overly monotone or just plain cool-feeling.

Where your bedroom in concerned, the chilly feeling can prevent you from getting proper rest. In a cold room you may feel more worried than usual, as starkness can overstimulate the mind to fill in all the sensory information that is missing, the information that we crave.

In feng shui, cold is the absence of yang (loud, stimulating and warm) and/or the prevalence of lots of mentally-charged stuff (*massive bookshelves, electronics) that can be overwhelming.

Creating warmth is nurturing, rejuvenating, comforting and sexy.  It is also easy to do!

warm bedroom

Here are a few quick feng shui ways to warm up a cold-feeling bedroom: 

1. Wood, fire & earth are the elements to amp up.  A rug, a faux fur throw or even some neutral – as opposed to white- sheets will help add more texture and elemental richness.

2. Let energy circulate.  If you room feels cold but is actually quite warm in temperature, a fan (not overhead) or open windows can bring in fresh circulation. In chilly rooms, burning spicy or earthy naturally-scented candles before bed can activate more of this soothing life force.


3. If you have an ensuite bathroom, add some stones (this really will help) in the bathroom.
Always keep all bathroom doors closed, as well as the doors to your shower, and the lids to your toilets…even if they are not near you as you sleep!  make sure your bed is not up against the same wall as the bathroom. (these tips can help place your bed) 

4. Computers and other work-related papers can take a hike out of your sleep zone.

5. You might want to consider unplugging the TV when it is not on (electronics = agitating & “cold” feeling), or removing electronics (the best!) if possible.

6. Think of all the ways you have become cold in your life & adjust them. Our homes are just mirrors of our lives. If you have a cold room, there are likely ways you have been acting in an impersonal manner. Warm up your personality, stop ignoring certain areas of your life (like fun!) or excavate whatever else might be blocking this feeling of circulation and warmth! Only you know what it is… and ditching it can create a great deal of expansion in your life overall.

No one should have a cold place to sleep. We are enormously lucky to have the ability to think of things as luxurious as setting up a bedroom. Rest, warmth and grounded openness to the world at large are a by-product of a great bedroom that protects and feeds us with life force.   Warm up your bedroom to connect more deeply in your life so you can give much more back to the world.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Tim

    Great posts and fung shui advice!

    Greetings from Australia.

  2. Jen

    Ah! This topic is exactly what I’ve been wrestling with in my room for the past few months! My room doesn’t get much light to begin with, and everything is in cool colors. I was going for “minimalist,” but it just seems empty and cold – I never want to lounge in my room for that reason! I just added a plush, deep red rug, and I’m planning on rearranging furniture to make things a bit more cozy and inviting. I can already feel my room changing. It’s amazing!


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