Cheap, Chic & Clever Ways To Transform Your Decor!

Apr 15, 2014 | Home Style

west elm stickwood

(West Elm  has Stickwood!)

Taking what you have and making it much better with a little upgrade is a passion of mine.  When you are like me- not handy with power tools and not big on complications, it makes transforming things a bit more challenging… yet not impossible!  Here are a few fabulous ways- starting with Stickwood panels from West Elm (these totally remind me of New Jersey!) to pretty easily make some major decor switches. 

painted floors



I love fresh painted floors. while I can’t do this one in my place now because the floors are too gorgeous, these instructions from Elle Decor can help you revive less-than-amazing wood floors into works of art!

diy chandelier

(grosgrain fabulous)

When I see twinkle lights being put to good use, I get excited and must share!


(via Elle Decor)

While I may not have the tenactity to attempt this DIY quite yet on my own dresser, I am going to be painting a coffee table this weekend (and if I can pull it off, trust me, so can you!) as a warm-up project. A tiny bit of paint & sandpaper and maybe some finishing wax can be the difference between ordinary & extraordinary!

bathroom storage


Use some old wooden boxes you have or can find. Clean ’em up a bit and tack to a wall to create shelving. I need to start stalking a wine shop to get extra wooden wine crates for all these projects!!!

Even a great cleaning, a little polish or some re-purposing can transform your space.

Do not settle.

Shake things up until they feel good!  xoxo Dana


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