5 Reasons To Mix Some Violet Into Your Life!

Apr 16, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


Violet is a tough color to approach for many, in part, I think, because of its cosmic nature.

Violet. however, is a color that resonates with the universal, the spirited and the higher forms of thought and connection we have to humanity.

If you are looking to live in a world of greater purpose, here are five feng shui reasons to mix more violet into your life!

Quartz is the gemstone often associated with the crown chakra. This “crown chakra” literall is the energy encircling your head and body that helps you to expand your consciousness and know on a higher level who you really are as a being. Add some violet to that quartz and we are off to the races where symbolic life-expansion and bigger energy is involved!


Divine Thoughts. I positively geek out over acrylic grape clusters and violet ones are my utter favorite. I tried to eat my Nana’s until the dust put me off on my quest. If you have violet home baubles keep them very clean to keep that high level Symphony in life crystal clear.

Contemplative meditation. This is a whole lotta violet, even for a violet-lover like me.  That said, it works when balanced with a lot of clear pace and white. This is actually a great room to contemplate things, as violet stimulates thought. Go easy on it though, especially if you don’t want to get too “far-out/ cosmic”.

Love & Compassion in bloom. Purple flowers are symbolic of love and compassion. I have always believed this is why the african violet is thought to promote marriage!

Harmony.  Violet may be a fire color but it is so unusual and so, dare-I-say, rare that it creates a kind of harmony that is deeply connected to a sense of the universal.

Now… it’s also worth knowing that purple is the color of MONEY in the bagua. And it is the color of ROYALTY.

So, I said there would be five, but actually seven reasons to use more violet in your life… Oh,yes, and it’s gorgeous. So there are eight!  xoxo Dana

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