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Apr 16, 2014 | Home Style

fresh bedroom

(avenue lifestyle)

If your home is a mirror of your mind (& it is!) sometimes you need to pare down and know that less stuff and more freshness can be exactly what you need. If you are in a transition (*more here!) or in a rut, fresh space creates lots of clarity in your mind, allowing you to think in new ways with less stress.

Here’s a little fresh-spiration to get you thinking about the more that you can find in the less! 

fresh office space


Clear desk = fresh thoughts.

tee pee

(you can get this on Etsy) 

Beautiful retreat at home!

fresh kitchen


Less can be so very much more.

fresh living room

(rennes diy lighting project rocks!)

If you want freshness, pare down and add nature. Plants and natural materials are a less expensive way to decorate that really refresh your space!



All white is so very right sometimes, especially if the design is impeccable.

While you may not be able to completely strip down your space, subtract to add much more majesty.  Sometimes that’s all you need, just a small switch.



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  1. maggie

    I always love your inspiration/decoration posts.


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