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Apr 16, 2014 | Prosperity


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Lots of people will convince you to stay in a job, a relationship or a living situaltion where you just know you don’t belong.

From the well-meaning in your life you will hear about:  How you have to be cautious. How there aren’t many better things “out there.” How you need to have something better before you leave. How you need to stop being so emotional, so unreasonable, so fickle, so entitled or so ambitious.

Have you been there?

Trust yourself.

Here is some feng shui & holistic help to make a change you feel good about!


(etsy mandala) 

Misery is not a way to live. 

If you think you can get by with just being miserable for a while you are wrong. Misery drags your entire life down. Stress makes you sick.

If you want to get unstuck, you need to decide that your happiness and fulfilment is worth the effort. It can take some effort to dig yourself out.

I tell my feng shui clients to prepare for the ride: decluttering alone can be an emotional process that, in the end, reaps huge rewards. These rewards come from action.

Create Better Karma

If you can’t contribute where you are you have to make a change.

If you are in a relationship that you can’t give energy toward, you need to evaluate that relationship. If yu are in a job that you just feel numb toward, you have to make a move.

Karma is the word that Buddhism uses to describe the mechanism of Cause and Effect in life.  If you are not really showing up for something with your heart in it, don’t expect great things to happen.  For every apathetic day you linger you are making a really bad Cause toward furure Effects.

You have to give a lot to get a lot. Giving should feel good.  If it doesn’t— or if you can’t find your way to it- it’s time to make a change.

flower mandala


(brilliance from Flickr)

Make a list of options & take them seriously.

When I am working with a client on their home, we explore many, many options to arrive at the best solutions for a space.  My critera for viable options is very clear.

Your options where any design solution is concerned in my eyes have to be:

  • exciting
  • do-able or learn-able
  • affordable
  • effective in solving the problem
  • personalized

The same goes for your options to take steps out of the place you are in.

Brainstorm every option you have in your present situation. You may need to call friends, hire a coach or even a therapist. You may need to take a break from where you are to get fresh perspective. But you will come up with solutions that work!

Unless your heath is in danger, do not just ditch things. That goes back to creating bad karma!

Clean up.

Cleaning your home makes your mental acuity very sharp. Doing it yourself is way better than hiring someone to do it, if it is possible!

Commit to yourself.

Everyone encounters resistance when making changes. The worst resistance is self-imposed.

Commit to yourself.

I once heard great advice regarding relationships: people think they you commit to another person but they don’t… they commit to themselves first and then they commit to a partnership.

I have seen this apply universally. Commit to you. Then commit to an endveavor.  

If you are struggling and confused where you sit right now, you can absolutely find your way out.  And, you will.

Dig into solutions. Take great care of yourself. Try not to let your emotions rule your life….but let them guide you.

Steer clear of poisonous playmates. Passive aggressive and negative people can compound your present situation.

Remember: every step you make creates tomorrow.

Make ’em good.

I’m wishing you tremendous success in your next big moves!  

xoxo Dana

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  1. Alice

    Thanks Dana, this is written for exactly the week I’m having and made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂
    Also a little feng shui success story for you, after over a year of trying to get the landlord to commit to fixing our leaky bathroom I spent two days scrubbing it from floor to ceiling in an effort to make the most out of what I had … I got a call yesterday saying they are sending plumbers and carpenters in next week to measure up for an overhaul! Very very excited!!

  2. Charin Adams

    I haven’t been able to read your blog for a few days, and I am feeling so inpired!! 🙂 Another great post Dana…thank you!


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