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Apr 17, 2014 | Life With Art


It’s the one-year anniversary of one of my most favorite furniture shops and design firms in Los Angeles, Hammer & Spear (*here was their opening party: stunning!), and just in time for a celebration they have kicked off a new art collaboration: Arts District Printing Co!

Kristan and Scott of Hammer & Spear are huge fans of Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District where they are based. As fans of  Jonathan Ventura’s Anon_Y_Mouse photographs, a joint venture was not far behind.  First, a series of prints appeared at Hammer & Spear for sale featuring Downtown Los Angeles & the Arts District.  And, as the prints sold out, a new venture was borne!  Its a great one! 

When you mix designers, photographers, inspired ideas & nature you get something you will crave for your walls!


Since Hammer & Spear really features history & amazing vintage renovated finds, the sense of adventure in all of these images is so natural.

go forth

The restrained color pallette is also very Hammer & Spear.

joshua tree

Speaking of natural, all of the prints are made on handmade paper using handmade inks from fruit and vegetables! (you can get smaller versions similarly printed on cotton paper for most as well)

be grand

They are grand, stunning, and subtle.

lets go away together

Oh, yes, and each print ranges from $15 to $40 (!!!) so its a truly accesible way to bring more organic beauty, nature and affirmation into your home without spending a fortune. This is art made for feng shui!

Explore the whole collection HERE.  xoxo Dana




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  1. maggie

    I love Anon-y-mouse’s work! He asked me if he could photograph me and then time slipped away…maybe this is a sign that I should reach out again!


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