Maud Vantours Heavenly Sculpted Paper!

Apr 21, 2014 | Life With Art

maud vantours

When materials are unexpededly given new soul and new form by artists, I am reminded of the Buddhist concept that inanimate objects can attain enlightment.  Today’s enlightened art is actually sculptural works formed from paper by the brilliant Maud Vantours!

maud vantours

Her spirals are the perfect example of using art to focus your life.

maud vantours

And they have great nuance and rhythm.

maud vantours

The geometric pieces are incisive.

maud vantours But the undulating have a real water-rich flow.

maud vantours

While relatively spare with smooth lines, the precision of each piece redefines the idea of edges.

maud vantours

And the colors are emotionally poignant, the depths so lit from within.

You can explore the creative world of Maud Vantours here, including all of the furnishings and lifestyle accessories crafted in her multilayered manner. xoxo Dana



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  1. Trisha Toelstedt on behalf of Thos. Baker

    Amazing! The precision, texture and uniquely layered qualities of Maud Vantours’ artwork has such a captivating and calming allure. I love the process of layering and interacting with objects in design work, and the stunning creations she achieves through her unique creative process are an inspirational reason why!


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