5 Bright Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of Your Talent!

Apr 23, 2014 | Creativity

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Making dreams come true is what I am all about, and part of that creative process requires that you grab hold of your special talents and let them lead you.  While it seems very fluid and fabulous to say, often it is the actual “grabbing hold” process that is most slippery. And, it doesn’t need to be!

Imagine you are a giant computer.  In many ways we all are- giant magical computers. At least for the purposes of today, this analogy is going to be our guide.

If you want to give the very best of your talent to the world, you need lots of bandwidth in your mind and you also need to keep yourself “reset”, “updated” and ready to produce things seamlessly.

To maximize your talents- your gifts, your genius- lets acknowledge the concepts of bandwidth and streamlined simplicity.

Let’s put it this way: try to open six browser screens on your computer right now, and ten programs you have on your desktop. Now do a search on every screen open at once.   Now: try running a program on an outdated browser.

I bet your computer slows down quite a bit!

Same goes for your mind and your life.

Your outdated ideas, your too-many-things-at-once, exhaustion, clutter… all stop the best ideas in their tracks.

Here are some ideas to help you create an optimal space to keep your talent flowing into the world!

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(andy gilmore)

Maximizing your bandwidth.

Operating with the best systems.

Keeping yourself updated & refreshed. 

While each of these are very big concepts, here are a few ideas you can implement right now if you are struggling to create all the things you dream about making… freeing up your talent to really soar!

Sleep much more!  Yep. I am back to the sleep issue. (*here’s more on why you need more sleep and feng shui to help you!)  When you sleep your body- on a cellular level- gets to reset itself. If you are lagging on sleep, I strongly suggest you spend some time outside, in Nature, with lots of fresh air and, preferably, lots of trees or natural sand under your feet. This will help you to absorb the energy of the Earth and find that inspiring flow that feels like magic.  Ultimately, if you can get to a place where you are- despite the glamour of late night parties- going to bed early and waking up with the sun- you will feel a kind of refreshment that words can’t express!

Pick your guiding light.  Each year I have a theme.  Too many goals can get tricky, because they imply that one specific outcome is the right one.  If you have a guiding light- a point of focus, an intention- that is guiding your life it makes it easier to say Yes or No to things that come your way.  If your intention is to have a family and you are dating someone with no wants of a family, you have a decision to make to free up some more space and bandwidth in your life.  Same goes for jobs, activities, commitments… Make sure they harmonize with your guiding light!

Silence the noise.  Distraction is the human condition these days, it seems.  Find your own way to silence the noise in your life.

When I realized that I couldn’t fully silence the noise of my days every day, I found ways to become more in sync with my life’s noise.  THIS video of the Silva Centering Exercise (It starts a few minutes in) has gone a long way in helping me to be more focused in certain types of distracting noise. It also helps me to relax, physically.

I have a Buddhist practice that really silences my big life noise.  You may have a meditation practice, exercise program, yoga routine or a spiritual practice (or a combination of all of these!) that help you to keep the noise at bay. If you don’t yet have one… start simple. Take walks.

Exercise your brain.  HERE are some of my favorite brain exercises! 

Create a dreamy space for creativity.  Creativity requires space. You might have your favorite seat at a coffee shop, a desk at home, an office, a window seat on the train… Wherever it may be that you find your creativity pouring forth, make it a place you like to be.  I have loads of clients who set up office space but like to do their work in the kitchen or on the patio.  Where you gravitate toward is your creative space.  Don’t feel bad if it’s non-traditional- tradition is outdated!   And if you need tips to feng shui it all, HERE you can get the DIY guide that will bring your personal feng shui to life with greater focus.

There are thousands of ways to refine, amplify, cultivate and share your talents… and I am whipping up the best of them into a great big system for you— stay tuned!— but for right now… nail the basics.

Feel more of your genius in your days. Remember what makes you special. And DO what feel you are meant to do!

xoxo Dana



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