5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving To Create Simple Transformations!

Apr 23, 2014 | Creativity

door knobs anthro

This week, as I prepare to complete (!!!) my big move, it was all about simple transformation.

A whole beautiful mess of dreamy knobs greeted me at the Anthropologie store at the Grove in LA this week.  The geodes- perfect for an antique dresser in need of a lift. The sparkling- for a kitchen makeover.  On and on, I matched knobs with the furniture they would best harmonize with in my mind.  This can create a total space makeover!  We found so many magical makeover goodies as my friend Ariel and I explored the latest bounties in the store.

Glamorous door knobs are the first on my list of 5 simple things this week that really made a massive difference in transforming experiences!

the edible garden

GARDENING: The Edible Garden also caught my eye at Anthropologie…especially as it was tucked into a pile of seeds and perfectly fired clay pots.   Stay tuned: a whole series of videos is coming soon that bring gardening to life in your home… but to start… HERE is the best book ever to inspire your garden adventures!


ROSE PETALS: Il Cielo was the spot where we celebrated brunch this Easter Sunday after spending the morning at the Buddhist temple. The rose petals strewn everywhere were the perfect compliment to sparkling mirrors everywhere. What an extraordinary surprise the whole day was, and so sweet to touch roses as you eat… (this is VERY easy to replicate!)

STORIES: My third goodie of the week that afforded me simple-but big- transformation was the opportunity I had to speak at my Buddhist temple before brunch this weekend.

Surprise: I am writing a memoir….!  But the bigger surprise was how much it helped me- and helped other people- to share my story of the last few years in all its darkness and light with humility and frankness.

Sharing your story – and finding all the light in your own dark- is a major phase-shifter-  even if you only share it with the pages of your private journal.

happiness project

HAPPINESS: And sorry I snapped such a blurry pic of this amazing journal– I was too excited to pick it up and run with it to the checkout line at PaperSource!  As far as all of life goes, it is the small things that can become the biggest memories.  Log them!

Simple. Transformation. Lifestyle. Love.  xoxo Dana


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