Mind Over Matter!

Apr 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

mind over matter

What I find so fascinating is that anything is possible that we believe in possible.

My friend- a famous doula in town- told me that women in many countries have healthy babies way into their 50’s because no one has ever told them it was impossible.

Now: that’s a statistic.

There is a phenemonal stoy about this in the ancient Japanese text, The Gosho.  I certainly don;t want to bastardize the story so lets just say I am giving you the gist.  Please keep in mind I do not like hunting allegories, but the story makes its point:

A soldier was out in the fields and spotted a tiger similar to the one who ate his mother.  Almost instinctively, he shot an arrow at the tiger.  The arrow penetrated thorougly into the mass- though it wasn’t actually a tiger, it was a bolder he mistook for a tiger.

Because he was certain that the stone was a tiger that he was determined to vanquish, the force of his will put the arrow right into the core of this rock.

Try as hard as he might, he could never get an arrow to go through another stone…After all, stones are solid and impossible to penetrate with an arrow.

Funny how the force of your will and the willingness you have to accept possibility can create absolutely magical consequences.

So, next time you say something is impossible, remember that you may be making it impossible all by yourself. You also can make it POSSIBLE.

xoxo Dana


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