12 Ways To Have More Confidence Right Now!

Apr 24, 2014 | Prosperity


Confidence is the ultimate in magnetism.

You can feel the energy pouring off of you when you have confidence. You can hear the way your voice rings with more clarity.  No becomes Yes.

Confidence can get drained slowly or quickly as an accumulation of small things that build up— the little mishaps, the ideas that have failed, the failure to confront some small things that led to a big thing.  And there are the confidence-draining voices: the people who tell you that you can’t… the ones who want the best for you but really just have their own fears that get dumped all over you as you are looking to go after your dreams.

You can see the amount of confidence a person has very clearly. It’s not a function of great clothes, a cool car or a big bank account— those are just extras that can amplify confidence or mask what is lacking within someone.

Real confidence is a state of being that can not be denied and can not be ignored.

Here are a handful of ideas to help you to collect your own energy and use it to propel you to a place of greater confidence.  Right now!

confidence art


1. Eat in a way that demonstrates how much you love yourself… or aspire to love yourself!  You may feel like crap at the moment, but you’d be surprised what a bowl of fruit or a really energy-filled meal will do for you… versus the alternative of eating nothing or eating junk. I have a friend who doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but when his confidence is on a nose-dive he reaches for coffee.  Coffee sets off a chain reaction of no sleep and a bad eating habits that then carries over into work, into relationships and into a big downward spiral.  Don’t neglect yourself because you aren’t feeling perfectly great.  Sometimes a great meal is enough to make you feel great again!

2. Take a nap. Naps and even short meditation/visualization breaks have a way of helping us to restore our focus and harness the energy that has gone into a slump.

3. Confront a demon.  This is a very big one.  But, you can do it today!  Where’s the demon that’s been plaguing you?  I certainly know my own.  If you have a problem lurking that is weighing heavily on your mind and life, its time to name it and take action to exorcise it, right now. It is very true that some demons take a long time to slay… but when you decide to pick up the phone and make the first call, reach out to experts for help, do the research, take the actions to start, the momentum builds… along with your confidence!  Take that first step right now!

4. Stand straight. Simple. Straight.  Are you now sittingor standing straight? Body language speaks loudly. Your brain actually follows your body.  You might also want to smile. That changes your brain to happier as well, even if you don’t feel it at the present moment.

5. Clean your space. Clean. Bigtime.  Clean better than you ever have cleaned before in your life.  Scrub tiles with a toothbrush.  Sweep under furniture.  Wash your walls.  This is powerful.

6.  Pull together wires. We live in an electronic wonderland.  Untangling wires and hiding these things from view goes a long way toward the untangling of your own thoughts and emotions.

7.  Reach out. We are interdependent beings— as in, you were not meant to live alone on an island of you!  If you are looking for more career confidence, reach out to mentors or people you admire.  LinkedIn actually works for this quite well.  Reach out to confident friends in great relationships if you are feeling lonely and unworthy of one of your own.  Reaching out expands the energetic perimeters of life.

8.  Re-write your bio.  No matter where you live or what you do, I know you have done things that you are pround of having done.  Write up a few line bio of yourself.  Hit the points that reming you of who you are and what you are all about.  Use language that feels sizzling.  Read it out loud.  Keep re-reading it when you feel lost or down.

home energy makeover

9.  Wake up the energy around you.  THIS Home Energy Makeover can be re-vamped to suit your needs, and it works beautifully!

10. Make appointments.  When is the last time you got a physical exam at the doctor? You would be surprised how deficiencies in vitamins and minerals alone can make you feel crushed by life.  My own anemic condition made me feel like I was having an irrational meltdown of exhaustion!  Our bodies need maintenance.  On that note, when’s the last time you went to the dentist? Eye doctor?  Hows about haircut? Spa? Gym?  Making these appointments will fill the time ahead of you with confidence building and vital self-care!

11.  Flood your day with beauty.  When life feels like it is conspiring against me,  I look at art. Online if I have no options. But, in person as much as possible.  Making art is the ultimate in confidence building, FYI! Grab a pen and start doodling!

12.  De-clutter your closet.  Ditch the low-self-esteem clothes you have been literally been dragging around every day.  Also, choose to get dressed every day!!! With a massive wardrobe, I found myself wearing nothing but a big sweater and sweatpants for months at my lowest point.  It’s not cool.

Stained or un-purposely torn clothes that can’t be repaired, old shoes, bad memory clothes, clothes that make you look or feel frumpy: all can go to donation or to the recycling bin.  Even if you are left with three things to wear, those three things will make you feel far better than a mountain of stuff that suppresses your self-esteem.

Of course, I could write a book of all the ways that confidence affects your life- your love, your peace, your health, your earning power, your family and your effect on the world… but for today, start with the decision that you are GREAT.  You deserve to feel great, look great, act in ways that make you feel great and, also, you deserve to separate yourself from anything that makes you feel not great!!!


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