Modern Minimalist Interiors With Charm!

Apr 26, 2014 | Home Style


Easy, flowing spaces that give you lots of space to think fresh thoughts and yet feel connected to a personalized space… that is the power of minimalism with charm.  Here are some ideas to do a whole lot with very little in your home!

simple office


A very basic utility table and a simple chair made wonderful witha screensaver, a great view and a bit of art over your shoulder.

minimalist typography

Romance in the lightest and easiest way possible.  This is great design, and searingly clear communication.

minimal dining room

Your space doesn’t have to be sleek white walls and polished concrete to be iminimal and charming. This very basic space comes to life with freshly cut flowers and very little else in its somewhat rustic but restrained style.

minimalist bedroom


A flowing fabric canopy and very spare everything else makes this space decidedly romantic, as the minimal whole lets one element shine as the star!

So, if you are thinking of changing your space, you can do a whole lot with much less! xoxo Dana


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