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Apr 27, 2014 | Life With Art


Me and amethyst. That’s how this day of art started with Alexis, and all the beautiful visions that followed left me thorougly exhausted by absolute beauty and infinite potential.

I often talk about having to make small shifts, and in a afternoon immersed in your passions- whatever they may be- you can transport yourself to a new reality.   In a day of exploring you can bring home to your days the ideas that you gather from a day’s quest! 

elliott hundley

Elliott Hundley is an artist that defines dimension in ways that even the most numbed mind, hypnotized by mass media, can not ignore.  In fact, he capitalizes on the fragmented modern mind. If you look at his giant canvases, they are composed of small images and snipets, collaged bits of paper and fabric, all stitched together into a cohesive mass.  He invites you to walk into his artworks in the same way that the pins he uses to penetrate his art sink decisively into its skin.  You are not separate from this work; it is an extension of you and the human condition.  It was like swimming into a beautiful black hole, getting lost in the textured best of his pieces at Regen Projects in LA.

elliott hundley

Here the veil of string is yet another way to feel intertwined with this incredibly dramatic art… because you simply have to see what is behind the veil, yet the string veil makes it all far more lyrical and beautiful.


Can you believe how massively beautiful this pyrite it? Different stop on the trail, at a shop on La Brea that was teeming with crystals and minerals that were somehow not for sale!

paris photo la

Oh the fun of Paris Photo!  Paramount Studios turned into an art enclave for an afternoon of exploring Continents worth of art.  Of course, the Diane Arbus I found was the only one she printed herself from the masses on the walls, and of course, it was the only one that was $75,000 versus $5,000.  But, you know, you can see the artist’s hand in certain things that can’t be imitated.

I love how these flowers glowed.

paris photo

And it was such a trip feeling like I went through the world in a day with someone I adore whose incisive commentary is not to be missed.

It is always a great reminder to see art with people and witness how we all see the same thing as so many different things, no matter how much we appear to be like-minded or different…reality is always so unique and exciting to blend into new wholes.

In essence, we create reality through the lens of our experience.  And, that is why I hope you experience more art live …and soon! The rejuvenating power of aesthetics is like nothing else in the world!  xoxo Dana


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