Arnaud Lajeunie’s Water Meets Colour

Apr 28, 2014 | Life With Art

Arnaud Lajeunie

Arnaud Lajeunie‘s rushes of colored water remind me that everything renews itself- elementally, naturally and creatively. Today’s works from the Water Meets Colour series encourage you to feel the foaming seas of inspiration and the dynamism of artistic momentum.

Arnaud Lajeunie

I have been relatively obsessed with the ocean lately, due in part to the many eclipses and new moons that are swelling tides and changing the pressure systems of the planet.  Water is the element of new beginnings.  I am reminded that we are getting a new fish at the new house… seeds of a new beginning.

Arnaud Lajeunie

It is chaotic for my mind to imagine color in bodies of water, but it is transfixing all at once.

Arnaud Lajeunie

Supernaturally incredible hues boil in the rapids.

Arnaud Lajeunie

I have been fixated lately on the way that we have changed the planet and the way that the planet is responding to our intervention.  These washes of colored sugar in the sea are an innocuous yet poignant way to see how much we can alter of an ecosystem that should not be disturbed.

Arnaud Lajeunie

Frothy, so ethereal, and yet almost rusted waves make me very sad for the Earth yet inspired to catalyze change…

Do these dynamic images strike you as emotionally as they affect me?

You can explore more of Arnaud Lajeunies’s work HERE.  xoxo Dana

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  1. Flora

    I love almost all the art and design you share, as well as nearly all the sentiments as well. And get SO MUCH out of what you provide here on this blog.
    But these do not work for me at all! The first thing that comes to my mind is…pollution. My mind thinks, ” what got dumped in that beautiful natural water?” Of course, I know the color is done digitally, but…it does not give me a good vibe at all. I find nature does not need fake color enhancement and love nature in her true colors best, by far!
    I think life imitates art and…I need to look at art that supports loving nature for the gentle drama and real beauty that she naturally possesses.


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