Button-Tufted Sofa Brilliance!

Apr 28, 2014 | Home Style

button tufted sofa

(centsational girl)

Ading instant depth and richness to a space: that is the function of the turfted sofa.  A great tufted sofa never fails to draw you in, welcoming you to sink into its plush depth.  Even the most minimally paded button-upholstered sofa has a visual softness that is undeniable.  Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking in terms of the lush and welcoming!

button tufted sofa


Here- it’s like a sculpture.

button tufted sofa


And here, this rich velvet sofa is absolutely divine.

button tufted sofa


While this may be a minimal room, can you see how the button’s create a rhythm that makes the space feel more musical?!

button tufted sofa

(because i’m addicted)

Classic richness in vintage leathery finishes.

button tufted sofa


And this room is just…. wow, wow, wow factor!


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