Feng Shui For More Vibrant Risk-Taking!

Apr 28, 2014 | Creativity

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(Brian Moss Art: love this!!!)

Chances are good that now is the best time to do that something you have always wanted to do.

The longer you put off your dreams, the more you push your life into a hazy waiting period.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this waiting period can be likened to stagnation.

Stagnation causes dis-ease.  Circulation heals.

Here are some feng shui ideas to get the circulation back in your life, to move you out of waiting and into creating!

take a chance

I don’t know about you, but my body is a barometer of my wellbeing.  If something is wrong in the energy of my life, I will, in some way, feel it.  Losing my voice, getting a stiff neck, feeling crazy-awful allergies— all a sign for myself of various blockages that need to be confronted and cleared.

If you are feeling stiff, feeling blocked physically in some way, feeling exhausted or otherwise slowed-down, it may be time to take some chances.  If you are complaining about the same things that never seem to budge, that’s also a sign of need for change.

Risk-taking is something that people like to reason out in their minds… but it’s really a physical reaction… knowing you need to make a move.

Sometimes the risks defy reason: quitting a job, moving to a new country, starting an unconvential relationship, starting a business, starting school…

But when you know you have to do them… do them!!!

Feng shui can help you to clear space to make risk-taking more vibrant and more fluid.  After all, I would prefer to dive into water that I can see clearly… don’t you?!

5 Feng Shui Ways To Create More Risk-Taking Creative Flow! 

Get a fan. Something as simple as a fan (*bladeless, super-safe fans are best if you have kids or pets!) to circulate energy can completely change the feeling in your home. Open the windows a bit, turn on a fan, and feel the circulation increase.

Map out a plan in pictures.  Our brains are motivated by images, not abstract concepts.  By all means, write your plans out in workd of paper, but to really activate a more dynamic surge of creativity, draw out those plans in even the most rudimentary pictures!

Fill your pantry with energy.  Even if you never eat at home, you should always have high-energy snacks and preferably fruit or fresh veggies, too, on hand. When you fill your pantry with fresh, natural energy you literally raise the life condition of that area of your home. Since the kitchen is a super-prosperous space, this is a big deal!

Use color in deliberate ways. Color is a multifaceted tool for life, the visual manifestation of energy waves.  HERE are some tips to get you started using color with purpose! 

White-Glove cleaning! Once a week (or whenever you feel stuck) clean your home so profoundly that you can run a white glove over any surface and come up spotless. Not only does this enhance your reasoning powers and amp up your home vibes, it will increase your feelings of self-worth in a huge way!

Whatever you do… do not do nothing!  If you start to get stagnant, doing nothing only makes it much worse.  Even taking walks and doing some yoga can keep your personal circulation going in a flowing way while you figure out your game plan.   The cycle of energy you create with simple movements will definitely help you to take those next steps with sure-footing!  xoxo Dana



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