Graphic Geometric Art Can Create Cool Calm At Home!

Apr 29, 2014 | Home Style

geometric art on walls

(casa de valentina)

Geometry has a way of organizing even the most eclectic spaces.  While our brains enjoy seeing curved lines (they are relaxing and creatively stimulating) it is the geometric (rational and logical) that can create a sense of order that our modern lives crave.

Here are some of my favorite geometric art on walls that really shows how some linear comnstruction can create an effect of “pulled together”, multi-dimensional calm in your home!

geometric art on walls

(apartment therapy) 

This target-style converging chevron canvas makes a point of capturing your attention. In a space where you need to meditate a bit, an artwork that can harness your focus in such a poewrful way succeeds in sweeping away mind clutter.

geometric art on walls


These retro geometric prints each have a musical flavor in the patterned repetition of simple shapes. While colors are restrained,  the effect is that of visual symphony.

geometric art on walls

(aakash nikalani) 

Brooklyn-based street artist Aakash Nikalani has a way of reducing geometry to its simplest and most vibrant lines while maintaining a tremendous amount of volume in all his tape-created forms. I don’t know about you, but I believe that he is lifting a heavy stack right now!

geometric art on walls

(you can grab this on cozamia)

An area like a bookshelf that leans toward the mismatched-mishmosh finds its center with a piece of mandala-like piece of art.

geometric art on walls


How much surprise comes from a big piece of art that you feel you can walk straight into….made from little more than well-ordered, simple lines?!  This piece highlights yet another benefit of geometric art with vast perspective- you can open up more actual space in a room!

Geometric art for calm clarity, depth, focus and space!  Pretty cool feng shui artistry for the day! xoxo Dana


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