I Am Finally Moving Today!

May 1, 2014 | Home Style


It is finally Moving Day! And above is a very sneak peek of a piece of the living room as the sun was going down a bit…!

I am telling you, if I actually ran the marathon I trained for a few years ago I would be less tired already. But it is a good kind of tired— the kind where you know at the end of a day your whole life will change 😉

decor vignette

My dear Alexis Hyde helped me unwind a few boxes of stuff I haven’t seen for 15 years… since I left my very 70’s home… and I am geeking out over all the elephants, gold horses, hunks of coral cut crystal and wildly opulent golden things that will be sprouting up all over the place!


And, Alexis made me homemade potpourri: dried local rose petals gathered from unravelling roses, sun dried with ranculus and perfumed with artisan fragrance. It is massively inspiring!


And… my first painting ever, made at age 10 or 11, made its way back to my walls today!

Needless to say, my present home is still not completely packed, movers are on the way, and I have the fur babies to make my first priority.  Even when you do everything well in advance, there are always last-minute things you never thought of before… so give yourself some extra supplies or extra tie when making a big move!

This should be a fun Thursday!

I have no Internet until Friday… so if you want some good juju for the day you have a few hundred pages to scroll through… First time I’ll be offline for a full day for over a year, and it feels good.

Idea for the week: find an heirloom, or something that is unique and thorougly reminds you of your best childhood memories, and spotlight it in your home… !

See you all Friday when the rugs and curtains get found…and the new feng shui begins!  xoxoxo Dana



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  1. Ken

    Happy you! That’s a beautiful house Dana! I love the curve and the big window. Very sunny room. The best days of your life have yet to come. I hope you attract more happiness, vitality, easy luck and prosperity. I can feel the good chi from the house!
    Wishing you blessings of happiness carried on the wind Dana!!

  2. Tami

    Yay moving day! The new living looks beautiful as is and your childhood painting is really nice Dana! I think it is a very impressive piece for a 10 year old, I certainly wasn’t able to paint anything like that then! Or even now! Lol. (not to be negative, I know you’re doing that art course on FB, but I did not join).

  3. Charin Ada,s

    That fireplace and the natural light!! LOVE! 🙂

  4. Jeanne

    Your home is gorgeous!!!! The fireplace is just stunning and the light that passes though that window is amazing! I am sure you have big plans for those windows!!! Hopefully you will share your personal “feng shui” on your blog. I am sure from all your posts you have some sort of personal look-book with ideas. Like Tami said, your artwork (at at 10 or 11!!!) is fantastic and your artistic persona is a natural, God-given talent 🙂 Best of luck with you new place! I hope the move went well 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      oh thank you so much Jeanne!!! Its going to be exciting in a few weeks to do a full house tour… & yes, I will post my feng shui too! off to keep unloaded boxes and cleaning up! I will be sharing lots of projects in the coming weeks… this is certainly a bit more work than I anticipated, but worth it! 😉


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