Easy Wow-Factor Mantel Refreshers!

May 2, 2014 | Home Style


flowers mantel


When you have a mantel, I believe you are beholden to make it a centerpiece in your home whether or not it actually functions as a fireplace.  And… now that I have a prominent mantel I am beholden to this very advice.

A mantel is the heart of a gathering room. Confident, quirky, bright or simple: wow-factor- and amazing feng shui- comes from treating this space as rarified art space.

Last night I might have been walking on the beach past a very very very famous art collector’s home in Malibu and one piece of art (you could see it all- it was all glass walls) hanging from the ceiling (an enormous Calder mobile) organized the whole room.   Let your mantel be your Calder.

Now…if I were confident about my ability to keep fresh flowers on hand always, the above would be my perfection. That said, if you are looking for a pick-me-up, this is a very easy idea, especially with a xmix of vintage vases.

disco ball decor


A disco ball never ever fails to impress!


(the inspired room) 

Very minimal has its own maximum charm!

red mantel

(via HGTV remodels)

If I didn’t have to paint it back to white I would be jumping for joy over this fire engine red mantel in my own home!



While muted, the mix of textures and pattern, unexpected and rich, give you a great sense of the person who lives here and their delicate yet eclectic nature.

By the way: you don’t need a mantel to do this- you can organize your gathering room around a big book shelf, a great coffee table or even a piece of hiuge art on the wall with the same spirit of focus and engagement!


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