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May 3, 2014 | Feng Shui 101


This year, I am thrilled to celebrate my mother on Mother’s Day. Even though she’s no longer here on the planet in the way that I knew her growing up, she is always here. Plus, I have a handful of stand-in mothers that get me through life now to celebrate in a huge way, too.

The legacy of a mother is a very big deal in our lives.  No matter who, where or how your mother is in your life, mother energy is important to honor. The live-giving energy of every mother figure on the planet gives birth to our world. Today, I am so thrilled to share some revolutionary and profound feng shui symbols for Mother’s Day from my own feng shui master and mentor, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal.

If you haven’t thought of a gift for the mother (s) in your life, you will now have a long list of powerful options! 

Put a Smile on Mother’s Face with Feng Shui Symbols

by Dr. Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal

In feng shui we have a knack for making people feel better about themselves and about each other. So when we honor Mama on Mother’s Day, we remember all the wonderful things she has done to make us feel better, and we want to express our appreciation.


On the symbolic map of the bagua and the feng shui magic square, the relationship sector supports mothers and represents the earth element. In an even more significant alignment, the earth element stretches diagonally across the magic square to include the center gua for health as well as the lower left sector which stands for wisdom. Thus all the attributes of three different bagua sectors associated with the earth element feed into the phenomenon and aspects of “mother.”

Mothers are the most nurturing creatures on the planet, an earth trait, and with nurturing comes reliability, steadfastness and security. Powerfully positive characteristics bring mothers to the center and the heart space of family living. Mothers are the environmental anchors of life, providing creature comfort to young and old.

As a special greeting to all who share the wisdom of feng shui, we would like to honor mothers with auspicious and creative enhancements for celebrating Mother’s Day. Thus we introduce you to feng shui symbols as powerful messengers to stimulate the senses of this special person in your life.

If an element profile shows low earth, which is sometimes true for childless females, there is usually excess wood. A low earth count can be adjusted by adding yellow or earth colors as well as square shapes in design or décor. However, watch out mothers! Too much earth can get you in trouble with being overprotective and controlling. Therefore, the flowers and plants you receive from family and friends on Mother’s Day are a welcome antidote for excess earth and negative traits. Of course we all know about flower power and the smile brought on by a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers connect and bond in the celebrations of motherhood. Scientific research reports that “a gift of flowers makes people happy 100% of the time and produces ‘true’ or ‘excited’ smiles in all age groups.”

Therefore, let ideas flow, think outside of the box, and create positive vibes by choosing your personal messenger of joy:


  • A bouquet of orange color roses or carnations
  • A flowering orchid with baby buds
  • A vibrant painting of a poppy field
  • A collage of annemonies
  • A wire sculpture of a tulip
  • A CD with songs about ‘white lilacs’
  • Soft pillows with daisy patterns
  • Vessels or pots with geranium or impatiens
  • Orange and yellow nasturtium for salads
  • Lavender or jasmine in essential oils
  • Gem stones in petal shapes
  • Antique china with delicate vines
  • Or perhaps a book about “Feng Shui in the Garden” by Nancilee Wydra

The list is long and thought provoking, but with positive intention the best choice will speak to you and feel just right. With feng shui eyes we see things that might be invisible, and we speak a language of symbols to address challenging issues in your life in order to make them better.




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