2 Meditative Exercises To Bring You More Of All Good Things!

May 5, 2014 | Creativity

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(doug aitken: my feng shui art god!) 

I am geeking out lately on meditation. It is making everything from my daily walks to my productivity to my emotional clarity and even my Buddhist practice exponentially better because I can focus more readily and not be a prisoner to the running of my mind.

If your mind has a habit of splitting off in a zillion different directions, you may love these exercises!

I recently discovered a series of videos based on Jose Silva’s research on visualization and the mind.  Doctors, healers, business coaches and other gurus endorse it, but I had to see it for myself!

The Silva System is super-awesome in the two exercises that I have experienced…. and I am ready to experiment with more meditative greatness!

My two favorite new visualization exercises: 

yayoi kusama

(yayoi kusama)

1. The Silva Centering Exercise. This makes me extremely relaxed and has been my go-to late afternoon refresher. While it takes about a half hour (and I scroll through the first 4 minutes), it leaves me feeling like I have had a full night’s sleep in a short break!

2. The Mirror Of The Mind Technique. Ths exercise is sort of a next-level to the Centering exercise. You learn to project situations into a mental mirror you visualize, and then erase and create solutions to problems.

Mind you: both have some weird language (the verbiage can be strange) so I suggest you just listen to them fully before you try them. I never do any form of meditation or healing modality without thorougly knowing exactly what to expect and am very sure that it all feels good  to me.  I suggest you do the same! And if you try it, I am so curious to know what you think!  xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    Oooh, it’s slow at the office today, I am going to read up on this! I have been neglecting my meditation as of late.

  2. Valentina Garcia

    Well actually I was admiring the more mirror it would look cool in my most lit part of my apartment it faces east but gets morning and early afternoon light it be gorgeous on a Saturday or Sunday morning /afternoon



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