Clear Your Clutter To Free Your Mind!

May 7, 2014 | Prosperity

nourish your soul

Let me tell you- the weight of the past can really burden your present.

And that energetic weight can irrationally screw up your moods, your thoughts and even your health without you realizing it!

Today, as I sift through thousands of objects from my earliest childhood- stuff that has been at my Mother’s home and then in storage for many years- I am reminded of why it is important to clear clutter.  And: to decide what clutter actually is!

When you are rooting through your  memorabelia, storage and stuff, you  need to decide:

1. if you love it

2. if someone you know would love it more than you and

3. if you should let it go completely (recycle/repurpose/sell)

What you should not do: do not let it sit in boxes and be that unconfonted mass that subconsiously makes you feel heavy and burdened.

I am first sorting through the boxes to determine:  use, donate or sell.

Next:  it is time to make big albums of vintage pictures for the whole family to enjoy… and send them all out.

Then: what is going to be stored gets repackaged, labeled and given a future purpose (like: “for the next china cabinet”  or “for the holidays” ) and beautifully put in a place.

Why all this work?

What lingers becomes the stuff that stands in your way.

The untouched boxes become the weight on your mind.

The headaches, the fatigue, the worry and the inability to get anything done.

Clearing this type of clutter is a first step to eliminating the kind of thoughts that hold you back, too. Limiting beliefs are no fun.

If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it!  xoxo Dana

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  1. lna

    you have this so worked out! I know these phrases, and I have this exact thing going on with my studio.


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