Five Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving This Week That Make Urban Living Feel Amazing!

May 8, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

berries basketsThis week’s five lifestyle goodies are a handful of greatness I have found in my urban days that add more wellness and artfulness- feel-good awesomeness- to every day!

We’ll kick things off with the urban farmer’s market in Miracle Mile where vendors line the sides of the street across from the La Brea Tar Pits and right in front of E! and OWN networks. It is beautiful to see big buildings juxtaposed with grids of organic berries and cherries! 


And, speaking of cherries, it is time for a clafoutis, which makes the most amazing cold breakfast (I will make a Paleo one soon, with a cherry coconut ice cream…. just have to find lots of cherries like these!)



Ta-dah! Vintage photos are absolutely everywhere right now. While it is massively too much in the quantities I have them presently piled in boxes, gems like this one remind me that I have always been a color loving, nature-loving, dress loving, MaryJane girl at heart!

If you have lots of old photos, it is a worthwhile projetc to go through and sort them into acid-free paper boxes or albums and either distribte or display them so that they can be enjoyed.

street art love


Inspiring street art turns the idea of vandalism on its head! There is so much inspiring street art around Los Angeles, and I think it is a betterment contribution to society!

vitamin c crystals


Vitamin C Crystals in the bathtub are a new absolute must-do.  They soften and neutralize chlorine in the water!

lending library

And these trust-based lending libraries on busy streets warm my heart! Community is live and well as I watched a fabulous elderly French woman grab a copy of Ovid en francais and return a DVD while walking the streets.

How absolutely lovely to find that which roots you (and me!) to the past and to humanity in the midst of an urban lifestyle!  xoxo Dana

PS: you can find me on Instagram HERE. I am loving it these days, and more and more!



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