Inspired By Navajo Textiles!

May 9, 2014 | Home Style


Took at that brilliant hand-woven piece of history and art on the wall!  I am absolutely obsessed with the Navajo artistry, history, philosophy… and these textiles are surreal.

Presently I am stalking a vintage pastel Navajo here in LA for my living room, threaded through with blues, yellows, white and black, and if  I score this piece it will be a game-changer for my living room.  The geometry creates a balance and order, the expansiveness and authenticity of hand-loomed weave add a feeling of wonderful to a space… and wow is it gorgeous!

navajo rug

(casa sugar)

Fabulous, right? The fire colors really light up the room but yet it stays calm.


(architectural digest) 

This one is illuminating.


(house of turquoise) 

And this is just lovely.


(elle decor) 

The geometry is enlivening, a complilation of triangles energizing the ground!



Such a sweet pillow it seems to glow.

If you are adding to your home, do it with care.  While the tempation is to pick things based on price (a well-meaning person I know suggested I get these rugs that retail for 200 dollars and look like plastic in a bad way), I suggest taking a balanced viewpoint and go for quality, history, design and consciousness on an equal tier to price. You can find low-cost  options for things that you love. It may require digging, having carpets cleaned or driving a ways to pick up what you find, but there are many options… and the quest is as important as the final result!

Not only will I list where and how I get things for my new home, I will list prices too, so you all have a sense of what is do-able and how to be able to afford things that may seem out of reach.  This will be a very fun season of design!!!

xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    I love that one from House of Turquoise.


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