6 Ways To Create A Living Room Worth Showcasing!

May 13, 2014 | Home Style

domino living room


Great design usually requires less rather than more. Amazing interiors are often more a fuction of care for detail rather than splashy accessories.

If you have always dreamed about living in a space worth featuring in a magazine, these tips can definitely get you started. You may need to pour some time into a searching for the pieces that you love, polishing floors (as seen above), or learning to tend plants. You may need to get rid of things and/or re-purpose what you want. You may need to make an investment in one great thing to pull your whole space together. But…you can do it! And today’s inspiration will get you thinking more like a designer.

Above, both the polished floors and the Lucite table are the supernatural elements that make the room special. (Personally, I would ditch the faux animal head, but that’s just me…)  Imagine the room with average floors and a typical coffee table. Can you see how much more…. ordinary… it looked in your mind without the greatness of a few bits?

pink chairs


Now one, but two pieces of statement furniture bring this room to life. Even if there was just the rediculously beautiful coffee table OR the chair you’d have a room of great beauty.

gorgeous minimalism

(vogue living australia)

While there are very many extraordinary elements here, the very insistent abstract art and a perfect pink chair make the room unforgettable.  What unforgettable details can you spotlight in your own space?

decor details


I could do without so much in this room if one we can keep the rug!

sheer white


Sheer white curtains- we will be doing lots with them in the weeks to come at home!- are seriously transformational goodies for a room.

abstract art on walls


And here, the little bit of charm- mainly the stunning graphic art and personal details-  whips this into a wonderland. I’m sure you can find your perfect pillows, re-purposed flower pots and small things to create a whole gorgeous room of your own!

Live with more intention. Design with more intention. And don’t hide from design. It is often time rather than money that makes a difference.  It is often care versus neglect that makes spaces sing. You can do it! And you should!  xoxo Dana


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    I love that last photo – adding it to my inspiration board!


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