Why Real Wellness Is All About Your Whole Life, Not Just Parts Of It!

May 13, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


Wellness isn’t a green smoothie or a yoga practice.

Wellness is holistic.

It took me years to learn this for myself, and I wish I “got” it sooner!

You may have a stunning career and no social life. Romance may be booming for you, but you can’t quite pay your bills. You may seem to be “winning’ in many ways, but you certainly don’t feel like it because this vast hole is still present in your life that you are apt to ignore because, well, “you can’t have it all”, right?

Maybe you can. And should!

Today we are going to look at the bigger picture of “having it all”… real wellness!


Despite what the modern world might want us to believe, I am pretty sure you and I are not a series of small compartments that can be opened and shut at will.

Compartments- like storage drawers- may help you to organize and function in a more streamlined fashion.  Ultimately, though, every single part of your life affects another.

If you over-stuff a drawer and suddenly that gets stuck, it forces you to pull out other drawers above and below it in an attempt to get that stuck drawer free. You may even need to take apart the dresser to get the drawer out.  All the while, this could have been avoided if you just tended to the whole dresser and didn’t stuff things in one drawer!

Does this make sense?

It was a hard thing for me to understand, and many great therapists, teachers and mentors (and even strangers) taught me this for years until it finally sank in:

Everything you do affects everything else.


People often ask me questions about the feng shui money area of their home, or the relationship area- these two most frequently- and they are not thrilled when I suggest that the whole home is what matters more than one corner.  You can absolutely make a corner better, but, in the end, everything is integrated.

* Pouring all your time into your career at the expense of your health? Ultimately your neglected health can hold you back in your career.  I know 30-year-olds who have had back surgery after working 18 hour days for a few years at a desk with few breaks.

* Thinking that your relationship should take all your time, rather than developing your own talents and individual purpose and mission?  Being that fixed on a relationship not only can suffocate the best relationships, it also leaves you in a giant lurch if a relationship changes or ends.

Everything you do affects everything else.

I know that there is a temptation to avoid things that seem scary.  Big ones include- creativity, intimacy, developing self-esteem, living with purpose.  It is definitely easier to skate past these emotional landmines. At least it was for me… until it became far more painful to live a life that was empty and flat and lacked promise for the future.

For people like me who have a historical tendency to get really fixed on one aspect of life and neglect the rest (are you like this, too?!) , understanding this idea of life as integration (all parts working together) makes a case for allowing yourself to develop the parts of your life that are languishing.

More romance, more adventure, more exercise, more superfood, more sleep, more fashion, more learning, more risks…. all of it!!!

I made this little video on my birthday last September that shares one of my favorite exercises to help you see what you might be consciously or unconsciously neglecting in your own life. It is such a great reminder that I am actually going to do it again right now!

Enjoy! xoxo Dana



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  1. Tayler Jenkins

    Absolutely love your blog!! Love seeing people being of service while talking about something they are passionate about 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      thank you!!! so much! any questions, I’m here! xoxo Dana

  2. Parker

    Vast hole no thank you!

  3. Christina Kay

    Hi, Dana! I wanted to thank you for your amazing blog, it inspires me a lot and makes me wonder about many things in my life 🙂 I agree that everything affects everything. But I have a question. They say that you should do one important change in life at a time, not all together. What do you think about it?
    In my current situation I need to make a choice between changing a job for the one which will make me more happy than a current one and a new relationship. I had a feeling that I should choose a relationship because it’s more important for me at the moment. But now I have doubts and afraid to make a wrong choice and be left with nothing in the end.

    • danaclaudat

      Don’t listen to what “they” say or even what I say— sometimes everything happens at once. Go for what feels right!!! xoxoxo Dana


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