Embrace Sweet Orange Interiors!

May 15, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


Orange has the power of concentrated sunshine: cheerful, life-affirming and super-positive.

While more than a small room of orange can overwhelm even the chirpiest among us, orange tones are often avoided because they are misunderstood since the 1970’s!

Today’s color-spiration brings back shades of orange in ways that are as fresh as a peeled tangerine in the peak of the season!


I really do believe that orange planters- particularly pigs!- usher in heather plants!


To pick up the coral tones of my bedroom I am toying with the idea of baked orange night tables. While we think of reds as the tones of sexy, oranges stimulate the energy of the second chakra – sexy, abundant creativity.

I think that is perfect messaging for my bedroom!  Maybe yours, too?!

Orange is the most mysterious of light-amplifying colors, as it turns a room into a fiery ball of luminescence in peak light.

Are you ready to dive into the retro color wheel and use a bit more orange in your own space?!  xoxo Dana

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