Exclaim Your Uniqueness With One-Of-A-Kind Interior Design!

May 17, 2014 | Home Style

orange sofa


As our homes reflect our personalities, a conundrum ensues when shopping at the same furniture stores as everyone else.  Even higher end Design Within Reach is in reach of many. So… how do you really create YOU in your home?

The answer, of course, is in your hunt or creative drive to create the one-of-a kind

The above room has, perhaps, an overdose of the unique. Let’s say it teeters on the borderline of being interesting rather than inviting. I included it because of its emphasis on strong, singular pieces.  Violet grasscloth wallpaper, tangerine velvert custom upholstery, a centerpiece table in the golden and glass- each element is its own statement.  Even picking one option you love fromthe above- fabric, wallpaper, stunning artistically-hewn furniture-  would make a whole room feel very much more “you.”

“You” are the point of your home design….so let’s get inspired! 

rare plants


Rare plants are a stirring way to spice up a space.  Unique leaves, vines and grasses have a way of bringing their origins along with them into a home.



Bouquets of unique flowers are a more temporary fix of the emboldened and emotive.  Dare to mix up bunches from a local flower mart based on how you feel and your intentions for the week ahead!

rare rug

(design files) 

Handmade rugs are wholly unique.  No one  else will ever have your rug if it is made from hand-dyed yarn, hand-loomed and crafted by artisans.  You are the only one!  Kilim rugs, Navajo blankets and textiles, antique Persian carpets… even over-dyed vintage rugs… all carry a mark of authenticity.  Just a single textile can set your home apart… and help you to impress your spirit upon your space!

And, of course, the list goes on to interior design infinity!  Embrace the singular and support the artisans of the world. Express yourself in your space in a layered and emotional way. Let your home help you to transform your life!   xoxo Dana


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