5 Lifestyle Goodies I Am Loving That Add Depth To Your Days!

May 19, 2014 | Creativity


This week’s lifestyle goodies are the kind that sink deep beneath the surface of life and unravel many personal narratives, gorgeous memories and a larger sense of our place in the continuum of history.

All that from some furniture and a few fun things to see and do?!


Statement mirrors: The mirror above is an object I have seen for most of my adult life (It once sat atop the black lacquer desk at the top of the stairs in my childhood home).  Not only is it a fabulous memory for me in its entirety, it is so huge and powerful as a facet of feng shui  that it’s impact is supercharged.  Now that it is sitting above my mantel I can not say enough about statement mirrors!

A little tip: this was professionally hung by an art preparator (and soon-to-be famous artist) as that I wouldn’t need to worry about it. I highly recommend having a pro come to hang the big things in your home. The one-time expense is worth its weight in gold!

airline silverware

Vintage silverware mash-ups:  Can you believe that United Airlines used to serve meals to everyone in Coach in a luxurious way with real silverware?!  My grandma collected all of this stuff, and it tuned up in the mixed box of silverware that makes every meal more fun.  Now I can arrange a table with mismatched forks, spoons and knives that all serve a purpose and have a lineage.


Old-school disco: Giorgio’s. The Standard. Sunset. After non-stop days of hanging art and Skyping with incredible clients this weekend, the disco changed my life!

Any time you have a chance to indulge in what reminds you of home- from games as a child to music and fashion- take it!!!  My mom would spin me around the house and taught be the hustle when I was 4 years old to Bee Gee’s vinyls.

So, yes, at this dark, small, gorgeously packed private disco, being spun around and flung through the air, so many memories flooded back!

vintage towel

Collectible beach towels: Whether they are your old towels or other big towels imprinted with memories, these lusch towels make a bathroom more special in my opinion than even the finest cotton in the world can do!

crochet tree

Crochet in unexpected places! Art and craft intersects a whole lot these days, but nothing moves me more than the intersection of craft, art and nature that is YARN BOMBING!  (*some all-time favorites are here) 

I literally lept from my car this weekend and ran down the street to admire and touch trees and even parking meter poles covered in crochet…and it was worth every second!

From a wool coffee cup cozy to old school leg warmers, crochet works for me- everywhere.  I was making Cabbage Patch Doll clothes and very elaborate hats as an eight year old… and I simply can’t wait to start making again!

Any way you can mix history into your modern train of life, please indulge it with all your heart.  For all we can “work on” personal empowerment in really abstract or metaphysical ways, it is easy to forget that we have all the power already within us… and we do!  xoxo Dana



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