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May 20, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

velvet sofa


While unpacking things that have been stored as heirlooms for about 50 years by my grandma and godmother when they were spry and clearing some space for themselves, I came upon a huge piece of salmon pink velvet, big enough to make my home feel complete in my imagination.  My present mix of teal sofa and orange leather sofa (colorblocking the living room!) is about to get ultra-chic as I have gold-backed salmon velvet floor pillows made that form a mighty stack  around my white and gold coffee table.

I love the way it feels to look at velvet, and I love the way velvet feels… as most people do!

Velvet is a design element of high-touch sophistication.  Just a bit of it can make your space more memorable, and it can soften your emotional edges as a bonus! 

velvet pillows

(desire to inspire) 

Who doesn’t want to dive into this softness?

velvet sofa


While a bit reminicent of grandma’s house, this sofa is lit-from-within with crushed velvet shine.

velvet ottoman


Tufted velvet has such stunning depth and compelling character.

velvet headboard


As a headboard, we see the real “protective” effect of supportive softness.

velvet pillows


And tese are the mock-up of my own half-velvet floor pillows.  Backed in an upholstery-grade golden weave, my own salmon velvety floor pillows will bring vintage velvet-  saved for a special and mysterious reason- into my home in a centerpiece as someone must have intended!

Touch is a much neglected sensory experience at home.  Velvet and its accompanying soft fabrics can infuse your life with more empathy and comfort, vital aspects of a life that feels-  and is-  lived quite large!  xoxo Dana


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