Sorbet Colors Come Home!

May 21, 2014 | Home Style

sorbet color interiors

(style by emily henderson) 

Today’s seriously refreshing feast for the eyes, the soul and the imagination takes shape in colors as stunning and iced-over as sorbet shades!  There is a particular quality of sorbet colors- from transluscent to saturated with near-fluorescent berry essence- that makes them impossible to ignore.  

sorbet colors


The thing about sorbet is that it mimics nature as it is borne largely of fresh fruit… and it magnifies the awesome spectrum of color borne of berries, melons, mangoes and more.

sorbet color interiors

(love chic living) 

The frosted velvets really push this room over the edge in effect.

sorbet color interiors


Thinking way beyond the red door, sorbet shades have a luster and softness while still being wildly attractive!

pear sorbet

THIS incredible Paleo pear & ginger sorbet  from Three Squares is a must-try, and, believe me, I will also try it with pineapple…. always with honey instead of agave in my world of agave!

sorbet color interiors

(young house love) 

My new bathroom features a very light lime sorbet wall color.  This bathroom takes it to the next level.

sorbet color interiors


The ultimate display of sorbet- a whole refracted prism of delight in one bedroom!

sorbet color interiors

(little green notebook) 

Raspberry here stays fairly neutral while adding lots of interest and energy to this rustic space.

While my own home has lots of room for guest-starrring sorbet shades as part of the main decor scheme, not every home has this flavor.  That said, if you are thinking of adding more color for a season to your space, even sorbet-toned accessories are a winner.  Pilar candles, a fruit bowl, a welcome mat, some hand towels…so many ways a bit of sorbet can elevate a space with grace and sophistication!  xoxo Dana


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