Your Home As A Blank Canvas For Creativity!

May 22, 2014 | Creativity

white house


My first feng shui consultation with a client who was a stranger was a day I will not forget.  Her home was full of beautiful stuff, but it was everwhere.  Every surface was covered.  Every wall was an art project already 100% installed.

We spent a few hours talking about subtracting.  Too much stuff in every place in your home creates a sense that all the “bandwidth” in your mind is occupied.

Creativity was a challenge for this woman until she started subtracting.  She told me she instantly felt better, more open, more excited as she took things down and cleared some space.

She also became enormously successful with a big hit in her career that came a few weeks later, totally out of the blue, totally creatively inspired by her own clear-minded freedom.

This was the first- and most memorable- example of why some “white space” – even if its not white, but just spare and clear- can welcome in a flow of creativity and ingenuity.

While all white is not realistic or warranted by many- or any- you can open up a whole lot of room for fresh ideas if you subtract.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to motivate you to pare down if you living in too much stuff. 

white home


How amazing is this fabulous stack of books?   In minimalism, you can see these books on stage in a sense. They become raw material for ideas and adventure rather than just books.

neutral home


Delicate patterns like this honeycomb get lost in the shuffle in a busy room, but if you pare things down you have space to embellish in fine details.

white house


Neutrals and white create a sanctuary.

white decor


Your photos become intensely engaging when there are less distractions. Each seems to speak from their wall.

white decor


And even the shabbier of chic looks more classic and focused in a minimal space.

All white is an amazing starting point.  If you can’t go all white… you can likely go “less.” In fact, if you are overwhelmed or at a loss for new ideas, you can subtract a whole lot from your space and create a blank canvas for all sorts of new opportunity to flow into your life.

xoxo Dana


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